Event Day

When does the event start?

It depends on your wave time, which you select during registration. This is confirmed 1 week before the event and is subjected to change. We ask that you arrive 45 minutes before your wave time to allow time for parking, registration, changing and the group warm up.

What do I need to bring?
  • Your game-face.
  • Please wear suitable clothing and footwear! We recommend lightweight winter running gear and trainers designed for trail running. Only you know your body so wear what is appropriate for you and what is appropriate for the weather on the day.
  • Bring a change of warm dry clothes.
  • Bring CASH for the bar and catering. There may not be an ATM on site.
  • Feel free to bring a GoPro or something similar but we accept no responsibility for damaged electronics and valuables whilst on our site.
  • Make sure you have signed your disclaimer online, this will avoid you having to read and sign one during registration on the day.
How many people will I be running with?

Our wave times are limited to 100-120 people every 20-30 minutes to give you the best possible experience on the course and to avoid any queuing at obstacles.

Is there parking?
  • There is free car parking at our events but please car share.
  • There is an voluntary donation to the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, located in the car park. All proceeds will go to GWAAC.
  • You can also use the Lansdown Park and Ride (31) to get to/from the centre of Bath.
Will there be medical staff at the event?

Yes, we employ a large team of medics and paramedics who have off-road ambulances and will treat and recover you from any part of the course but only if you’re injured.

Will there be changing rooms and showers?
  • Yes, there will be heated changing rooms.
  • Showers are not currently available. If this is something you’d really like to see at the next Extreme Event, let us know at info@extremeeventsuk.com.
Will there be a bar and food?

Yes, there will be a bar, coffee and other hot drinks and Grillstock providing excellent food. Please bring cash on the day.

Will there be water stations?

There will be two water stations on the course and water at the finish line.

What if I am unwell or injure myself before the race?

We do not offer refunds but you can transfer your details to another willing runner either online or through us or we may grant you a free pass to our next event at our discretion. Please email info@extremeeventsuk.com.

What if I can’t complete an obstacle?

You may simply go around it, no marshal or staff member will force you to do anything you are not comfortable with or “punish” you with burpees. However, expect them to encourage you over the obstacles to help you overcome any fears or doubts.

What if the event is cancelled?

If the event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, for example adverse weather conditions, then no refunds will be given. The best advice is to buy your entry on a credit card or you can insure yourself against annual event cancellation at very little cost.


Can I bring friends and family?

Of course! Friends and family are welcome to come to the event village, stay warm in the bar and watch competitors take on the obstacles within the event village site and cross the finish line.

Can spectators see the course?

We are currently working on a spectator’s route to view certain parts of the course. The land is extreme and difficult to access, if you do venture onto it, you must respect the runners and stick to the designated route and public rights of way. More info coming soon.

Will spectators be charged?

No, that’s ludicrous.


How do I register a team?
  • Click the register button on our main page
  • Register yourself and create a team name
  • Tell your friends to sign up individually and click on “join an existing team” when prompted. They will need the team name and password
  • Or you can sign up and pay for your team there and then by inviting them to join via email. They will need to register via the link in this email
  • Your team should register as soon as you have to guarantee that they will be in the same wave time that you have selected
How do I join an existing team?
  • Click the register button on our main page
  • Enter your details and select to “join an existing team”
  • Search for the team and select the team name to join them
  • You will need your team password
Am I old enough to take part?
  • If you are 18 or above or will be 18 by the day of the event you may enter on the basis that you are appropriately fit and healthy come race day.
  • If you are 16+ and wish to participate, please contact info@extremeeventsuk.com
  • For ages 9-16, you may take part in our Junior Event on 1st November 2015
How do I change my registration details?
  • Log into the My Events webpage at myevents.active.com
  • Select our event
  • Click the Edit Registration Information link
  • Update the information as needed
Why haven’t I received a confirmation email?

This can happen for a few reasons. You may find your email in the spam or junk folder. Sometimes email addresses are misspelt upon registering. For the latter problem and any other problems send an email to info@extremeeventsuk.com

Can I change wave times?

Maybe. Our wave times have a limited capacity so that the course does not become overcrowded. However, we understand when you want to run with your friends so we will always try to accommodate something. You can change your own wave time online at myevents.active.com but if the wave time you wish to switch to is already full, you will need to send an email to info@extremeeventsuk.com with the details of your request.

Are they any additional costs?

Yes. There is a small processing fee on top of the race entry price. This is a small percentage of your entry fee and is taken by our registration system company. We do not swallow this cost so that the entry fee is not exaggerated to include the processing fee. Therefore you pay exactly what the race entry price is, plus exactly what the processing fee will be. This is standard practice for events of this type.

Registering for the Youth Run?

Please register on behalf of your child and enter all details as prompted. You do not need to register as parent if you are merely running alongside your child/children. If you wish to tackle all the obstacles and get the medal then feel free to sign up as well! If you are registering more than one child, you will need to use an alternative email address for each one.

Preparation and Training

Am I fit enough to do this event?
  • Our OCRs are designed for those with limited fitness levels and for those who run these events regularly.
  • We expect you to do adequate training in order to complete this event, please see our training advice section below.
Training Advice?

Fitness First Personal Trainer, Tom Warry’s Top Tips

  1. Cross-training
    Keeping your workouts varied will help you gain a good broad level of fitness, reduce the risk of repetitive strains and help you stay motivated. This could be out on your bike or in a spin class one day, out for a trail run the next day, or doing a circuits class. Mix it up! It will help you build stability and endurance, getting you moving in lots of different ways.
  2. Push and pull
    On the obstacle course, there are some great obstacles to crawl under and drag yourself over. Work on your upper body strength, especially any exercises where you use your arms and shoulders to push away or pull towards you.N.B. Strength does not mean bulky bulging muscles!
  3. Leg Power
    Use explosive exercises, such as short sprints, squat jumps, box jumps, or short hill running intervals, to give your legs a power boost. This will help you drive up that muddy slope, jump over that tire wall and power to the finish line. N.B. These exercises are also great for burning calories!
  4. Keep hydrated
    You’ll workout harder and your body will run more efficiently.  In the hour before any heavy exercise, stop knocking back glasses of water and instead just take sips from time to time.  This will prevent fluid sloshing about in your stomach, which can be really uncomfortable. Make sure you get water in after too, as it’s essential to aid recovery.

To learn more about how to train for our obstacle course races, visit your nearest Fitness First and ask a staff member. Go to www.fitnessfirst.co.uk for more information.

Can I see the course before event day?

No, most of the course is on private land but please take a look at our gallery and video to give you an idea of what to expect.

Do I need to be able to swim?

No, none of our obstacles require you to swim. All water obstacles are no more than 4ft deep but having confidence in water is necessary.

Can I raise money for charity?

Yes, that would be great! You can raise money for our charity partner – Great Western Air Ambulance Charity. Get in touch if you’d like any imagery to go onto your charity fundraising pages by emailing info@extremeeventsuk.com.


Can I get involved or be a marshal?

Of course! We require a number of volunteers to help in our event arena or marshal our obstacles and route to keep our runners safe and smiling. We offer all our volunteers a free meal after the race, hot drinks whilst marshalling and a free ticket to our next event. Please email volunteer@extremeeventsuk.com for more information!